Seven Languages

A few weeks ago we started a book club at work and we are running through Seven Languages in Seven Weeks (but we are doing it in 14 weeks instead). So far the book is fantastic but I want to get even more familiar with the languages that we are learning.

In an effort to do that I am going to be doing two specific exercises with each one of them.

  1. Write a simple web service that returns random words from an English dictionary
  2. Write a CLI tool that calculates parenthetical permutations aka Catalan numbers

As I go along I am also going to be writing up my experiences and thoughts and such. For some of the languages this should be pretty easy... for others it’s going to be a slog.

For instance I really like Io but the documentation is not great and so far I haven’t been able to spin up a web server with the demo code.

The one exception that is probably going to be Ruby, which I am going to have to come back to. So instead of being language #1 in this series it will probably be #7. We finished it quickly and I hadn’t decided I wanted to deep dive all of these until we were on to Io. Should be fun though!

Published: 2 Jun 2016 | Tags: dev , languages , learning