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On Bikesheds

Published: 16 Jan 2018

The really, really short answer is that you should not. The somewhat longer answer is that just because you are capable of building a bikeshed does not mean you should stop others from… [more]

The right Tools for the right job

Published: 25 Sep 2017

Last week I did a bit of programming for Game Of Codes in my "free" time which lead me to a couple of interesting observations.

1. Number of passing t… [more]

Office Hours

Published: 15 Sep 2017

If you hadn’t noticed from this post and the last one... I am feeling grateful and like I need to give back to the community a bit. So while Hack Night SLC is ramping back up I thought it would b… [more]

Language Drift and finding code beautiful

Published: 3 Mar 2017

I hate javascript Class. I like semicolons. This puts me in a specific group of developers who write js. It puts me at odds with many in the Eternal War of the Semicolon.

As I was driving int… [more]

Being Senior Part 1- the books and data

Published: 16 Sep 2016

This is just a quick post to throw up the books I quoted from and a link to the data for anyone who attended my presentation at Utah JS Conference 2016 today. I am putting down my thoughts in a lon… [more]

Io: the language, not the moon

Published: 17 Jun 2016

This is the first in the Seven Languages series of posts and covers the Io language, a small prototypal language.

Let’s get this out of the way righ… [more]

estimations and theory building

Published: 22 Mar 2016

My team lead at Instructure, more]

Learning the Trade

Published: 20 Oct 2015

I thought I would throw together a list of resources I have found interesting and useful when it comes to building the internet. This is by no means exhaustive and will be updated over time as I fi… [more]

Biology and CSS

Published: 25 Sep 2015

I am the average height of my grandfather’s generation. I have brown hair, that is rapidly going gray even at the ripe old age of 31. I have blue eyes and olive skin.

Now that you know … [more]

Modules not Globals

Published: 11 Jun 2015

Often newer JS developers ask when they should turn something into a standalone module. When should that function turn into its own file? There are lots of things we could talk about with component… [more]

Short Circuit and the Javascript IF Statement

Published: 28 Jan 2012

A quick javascript tip that lets you eliminate small IF statements

Ok so it’s not really that kind of Short Circuit, though it is almost as cool. In javascript, as in many programming l… [more]