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Tech Things I read in 2018

Published: 29 Dec 2018

This is going to be a pretty straightforward list of what tech related reading I did this year. It doesn’t include hundreds of blog posts and forum discussion. I’ll break it into two ca… [more]


Published: 23 Mar 2017

Over the past several years I’ve been working on a new application framework for nodejs. Monument is currently on it’s second major release.

What is Monument

Monument is fo… [more]

Critiques and Code Reviews

Published: 22 Mar 2017

This is another of my attempts to clear out my drafts folder. I started writing it on 3 August 2011 (So long ago!). Still seems relevant.

Let’s talk about critiques, or as engi… [more]

Let's talk about Boot camps

Published: 9 Mar 2017

So the giant article I’ve been planning to write from what I learned prepping for that talk I gave on being senior<… [more]

Language Drift and finding code beautiful

Published: 3 Mar 2017

I hate javascript Class. I like semicolons. This puts me in a specific group of developers who write js. It puts me at odds with many in the Eternal War of the Semicolon.

As I was driving int… [more]

Death to Jquery

Published: 1 Feb 2017

Yesterday I presented ’Death to jQuery’ at Pandamonium, our internal Tech Conference at Instructure, because honestly it’s time.

jQuery was critical to the development of th… [more]

CSS Only Partial Width Borders

Published: 8 Jul 2016

A design that I was recently implementing required a partial width underline for some headings and a partial height border as a divider between two elements.

But I didn’t want to add any ex… [more]

Io: the language, not the moon

Published: 17 Jun 2016

This is the first in the Seven Languages series of posts and covers the Io language, a small prototypal language.

Let’s get this out of the way righ… [more]

Seven Languages

Published: 2 Jun 2016

A few weeks ago we started a book club at work and we are running through more]

safe-shrinkwrap: for all your shrinkwrapping needs

Published: 2 May 2016

One of the challenges that we have had in the recent past at work is with dependencies that don’t lock down their dependencies well. A lot of this probably rises from a misunderstanding of more]

estimations and theory building

Published: 22 Mar 2016

My team lead at Instructure, more]

reducing noise

Published: 15 Mar 2016

Noise is everywhere in our lives. From commercials, to billboards, to a new crying infant, it is literally everywhere. Some of it is good noise. Some of it is distracting us from the things we want… [more]

:hover should be dead

Published: 15 Mar 2016

:hover’s days are numbered. It has little time left in this world.

I am serious.

Here are the main reasons why:

Learning the Trade

Published: 20 Oct 2015

I thought I would throw together a list of resources I have found interesting and useful when it comes to building the internet. This is by no means exhaustive and will be updated over time as I fi… [more]

Thoughts on Components and stuff

Published: 31 Aug 2015

TLDR: Create small shared granular components for everything, and a "view" is just an ordered collection of components.

Warning: this is rambly and mostly a brain dump. Read on...

C… [more]

Design Tools are Broken

Published: 23 Jul 2015

To code or not to code? I try to push all my friends studying design to learn to code. It can only help them be better designers.

But this isn't an article about that. This is an article … [more]

On To New Horizons

Published: 16 Jul 2015

"Good night, good night! parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night till it be morrow." - Juliet (William Shakespeare)

For the last three and a half years I’ve been work… [more]

Modules not Globals

Published: 11 Jun 2015

Often newer JS developers ask when they should turn something into a standalone module. When should that function turn into its own file? There are lots of things we could talk about with component… [more]

Audio and Old Androids

Published: 16 May 2013

I just got done working on a project that involved the use of the audio tag (with flash fallback for IE) and thought I would share a couple of the issues that we ran into in working on it, and how … [more]

Approaching CSS the OO Way

Published: 27 Mar 2013

In an interview somewhere in the web development industry:

"Hey, have you heard of CSS?"

Oh yeah! Totally... it’s that stuff that designers write right? You know it makes things p… [more]

Toward a More Responsive Future

Published: 7 Nov 2012

Let’s face it, ultimately the ideal solution for responsive images does not exists yet. Honestly, I am not sure that browser makers really have a dog in this fight so it will likely be a whil… [more]

Short Circuit and the Javascript IF Statement

Published: 28 Jan 2012

A quick javascript tip that lets you eliminate small IF statements

Ok so it’s not really that kind of Short Circuit, though it is almost as cool. In javascript, as in many programming l… [more]

Don't Call Me. I'll Call You. Single Request Responsive Images

Published: 29 Sep 2011

We’ve been talking about responsive design around the office a lot lately. It’s kind of a big deal these days. The holy grail seems to be responsive images, or a system that allows you … [more]

A Tale of Two Cookies: Securing ColdFusion Session Cookies

Published: 5 Mar 2010

Recently at work we went through a security review. It was a great learning experience to have outside contractors try and break into the web application. Found several things that I didn't expect … [more]