Current Projects Update

I realized tonight that I have a whole bunch of projects lying around that aren't mentioned anywhere here on designfrontier. So to remedy that I decided to put together this quick article.

RandPop : a responsive website for creating random numbers in a variety of forms, from flipping a coin to sets of random numbers. More features are in the works though this particular project is on hold at the moment. The dice (which are completely created with CSS3 gradients) came in handy the other day playing with my nieces and nephews).

TypeSette : Back when I was putting together The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes I needed a quick and easy way to clean out the extra line breaks, and whitespace in Project Gutenberg versions of the text. So I created typesette to automate that process.

Random LDS Talk : Every once in a while I want to read a random religious article so I wrote a quick ColdFusion app that parses the RSS feeds on and redirects you to a random selection. Most interesting part was writing the Java based web scraper for the General Conference Archive, since it didn't already have a feed. Still a little buggy but works good enough for now.

Stand Resolved : A simple goal tracking application designed to give you a daily reminder of what your goals are. Mostly defunct at this point. If you are interested in purchasing the domain let me know... I may redesign and develop it as a mobile app in the future.

I recently wrote about it but I might as well mention it again.Tokenizer is my first open source project, a form token management system designed to make fighting XSRF as simple as possible.

Well that's the run down of the smaller personal apps I have out there. Check them out and let me know if you have any suggestions for where they can be improved. Email or twitter is the best way to get ahold of me.

Published: 9 May 2011 | Tags: open source , apps , list , development