I'm Daniel Sellers

I currently work as a Team Lead and WebSr. Front-End Developer Engineer at NASA's Johnson Space Center (San Jacinto College contracts me out to NASA's education office)The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Instructure. I program web applications in Javascript, Ruby, Clojure and whatever else we are using, and fineā€“tune user experience. In my spare time I take on freelance web development and graphic design gigs run ansble llc, a consulting firm, design board games, race bicycles for SaltCycle-Intelitechs Cicada Racing and help run HackNight SLC Silison Slopes SLC. When I'm not working on the web, I like to take long walks on the beach. Just kidding. I like to bike, read, run, play the guitar, build create awesome stuff, and learn.

You can also find me on twitter, instagram, vimeo, Ride Domestique, First Song in my Head, spotify, dribble, flickr, and github.


This site is built with monument on iojsnodejs hosted in heroku's cloud. Fonts are League Spartan and Space Mono.

Colors are designed for high contrast for a11y reasons and fun.